Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

Many studies have found out that anxious and fearful people love watching horror films due to the psychological excitement it gives them. Especially in the year 2020, when the world was going through a whole anxiety driven phase, horror became one of the most streamed genres in movies online. These periods where you want everything horror keep popping up once in a while. However, for the forever fans of horror, we have a few favorite picks that might make your weekend interesting.


This slow burn period movie of British folk horror boasts of crazy butchery which will have you squirming in your seats. The Raid director Gareth Evans has successfully managed to create a horror masterpiece featuring flayed bodies and the craze of the cult culture. It starts as a combination of something dreamy and scary from the Wicker Man, but ends up being something extremely dark and gross including the absolutely unbelievable climax. It tackles the issue of faith and the rigidity that prevails in the small communities due to their faith. Talking too much might give away the main essence of the film, so watch it if you love the high that comes with the fleshy frights and freaky folk tales.

Berlin Syndrome 

The Australian actress, Teresa Palmer is simply stunning and almost always manages to emote so much through her acting. The story starts with a passionate night she spends with a man in a foreign country but the fear invades her life when she is not able to leave the next day. A truly terrifying possibility captured in the most eccentric way possible. Based on the novel authored by Melanie Joosten, the film has exceeded all expectations and continues to be one of the favorite picks for all Netflix viewers. It is a little long and stretched out but in the meantime you can take some of your favorite excitement-inducing products like BudPop to elevate your whole watching experience. 

The Ritual 

Planning a trip with your friends? Please don’t take any shortcuts or you can stumble upon one of the most terrifying monsters featured in horror movies in recent years. It is by no means a normal or an average horror film. Based around a group of friends who get involved in a ritual that was sacred to a community of people living in the forest who worshipped a nature monster, this movie is horrific to imagine. Let the horses of your imagination run wild, you will still be stupefied by the complete ingenuity of David Bruckner, the director.

In the Tall Grass 

Love all Stephen King movies? How about watching a film that combines the minds of two  great horror authors, King and Joe Hill? The Tall Grass is an ambitious, imaginative and compelling movie that has a seemingly simple premise. People see certain persons requesting them to come inside the tall grass and help them. The problem arises when the people are not able to find their way out. Since it is a King and Hill creation, more horrors await them amidst the greenery.


You think the digital world isn’t haunted? Well let me burst your bubble. Unfriended is one of the first Screenlife movies that gives you the chills through the screen. Following the suicide of one of their classmates due to online bullying, a group of people find themselves being hunted off one by one. This chilling horror film is surprisingly scarier that you can imagine and more so due to the realistic possibility of it happening to you next. So don’t get sucked into this online world or you could be the next victim, okay?

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