Digital Photography Tips Every Professional Should Know

Digital Photography Tips Every Professional Should Know

Have you ever seen a digital photograph? The image quality digital cameras offer is just like that in a movie. And this thing makes them different from a traditional camera. Photographers don’t want to slow down their work because of the cumbersome technology and rather want to take pictures by making use of tricky camera designs. The features of digital cameras are helping them out. 

Though the features of digital cameras are like that of film cameras, a number of features make digital cameras and digital photography unique. And this difference helps photographers in taking better pictures than a film camera. However, for good quality results, a tripod and big telephoto lenses play an important role. Likeways, dramatic light is important for capturing dramatic photos and shutter speed helps in controlling the focus of the photograph. 

The word digital has made photographers worry about the fact that it would be difficult to master this technology. Well, that’s not the case. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a beginner, these tips will help you get a grip on digital photography. So, get some weed cartridges and lets begin.

The Rule of Thirds

Want to take spectacular pictures? Then you should be aware of this rule of composition. By taking advantage of the rule of thirds your photograph will get a wow factor in it. In this rule of composition, your image gets broken down into a grid of 3×3, in which there are two vertical and 2 horizontal lines along with 9 even squares. With the help of this grid, the focal point of your image to be shot gets positioned at the center square. The rule of thirds provides your image a natural look. The final photograph looks more appealing visually and looks more aesthetic in composition.

Make Use of Exposure Triangle

ISO, shutter speed, and aperture are the basics of photography, which make your photos look better. It’s good to have an understanding of how these controls work while taking photographs. In order to get desired results, if you are adjusting one control, then you’ll have to adjust one out of the remaining two. Though you can take care of these 3 controls with the help of auto mode, your photograph might not look the way you wanted it to be.

Less Is More

If you are a cannabis lover, then you perfectly know the importance of this philosophical fact. People always emphasize moderate dosing when it comes to cannabis consumption. As they are very well aware of the biphasic effects cannabis can have when consumed in higher amounts. 

This philosophical fact applies to photography as well. This is why minimalist photography has become quite popular. This photography style perfectly inculcates the idea of less is more by conveying an emotional response. So, the next time you’ll be clicking a photograph, keep this fact in mind and see how impressive your image looks. 

Plain Backgrounds

When it comes to digital photography, it’s good to have a simple point of view. This entirely means that you are the deciding factor behind what should be there in your shot. For that, the best approach is to use a plain background. Your main focus should be the subject instead of what’s there in the background. You can shoot from different heights and different angles. Try various vantage points to give a dramatic look to the subject being shot. 

Make Use of Tripod

Not always, but a tripod is an essential accessory to your camera in certain situations. When you want to get a sharper image and the shutter speed is very slow, having a tripod is a must. A tripod helps you to shoot at a dark place or during the night, where flash can’t be used. When flash can’t be used at all and you have to focus on the subject, the tripod works great in that situation.

Avoid Using Flash

Sometimes to have a safe shot, you need to shoot with the help of a pop-up flash, especially when it’s too dark. However, as compared to the main source of light, pop-up flash usually disappoints a photographer in terms of image quality. But a DSLR helps you out with its features in this situation. By setting the ISO at a higher number, your image gets high exposure and looks more natural. And if you want more light, you can also use a wide-open aperture. A bounced flash gun can also be used near the wall or on the ceiling to have more enhancing light.

How to Find that Perfect Location to Shoot Some Amazing Stills?

How to Find that Perfect Location to Shoot Some Amazing Stills?

There are many aspects of your photography that your viewers might not understand the importance of. Whether it???s the equipment that you use, the time it takes to find a perfect shot or the effort and energy that you put in the post-shoot editing, there are always a few things non-photographers just take for granted. Location is one of these things.

Finding the right location is very important for a photographer. Though photos can be spontaneous, for some particular project you may require a specific type of location. And once you have that perfect location, you just get behind the steering and rush to shoot some amazing stills. You just can???t wait to be creative.

But finding the right spot can be tricky, sometimes. And therefore, we have made a list of five awesome ways to help you find an amazing location to take your camera to.

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