5 Fun Ideas For Spending More Time With Your Pet

We love our beloved furry friends.Their cheerful reaction after you get back from work drains the whole day’s exhaustion in seconds. It’s more proof that your pet keeps waiting to spend time with you. They love the interaction. So why don’t you take a day off and give them what they want. Make your day off count by spending it with your pet.They are probably staring at you right now waiting for you to say yes. And when you decide to do that, I have some fun ideas that you can try for spending time with your beloved pet.

Plan A Trip

I know the world’s dealing with a pandemic and you cannot plan a trip to a different city or a country right now. But you don’t have to go beyond your city borders to take an exploration trip with your pet. I’m sure your city may have a few hidden spots that can be a good change of scenery for you and your pet. Just make sure that you are taking all the precautions before heading out. Carry a sanitizer, wear a mask, pack up a water bottle for your pet, carry their leash and keep away from crowds. Also, consult your local authorities about the level of infection in your area before anything else. 

But once the COVID-19 pandemic eases down, you have to take your pet on a trip. If your dog is an emotional support dog, you can even take them with you in the airplane cabin.It can be a new experience for you and your furry friend. 


I think we all can agree that pets make for an extremely photogenic model. So when you decide to spend time with your pet, find some interesting locations for stills and take your pet for its first photoshoot. Photograph them rolling in the green grass, chasing a butterfly or splashing water in the pond. It can be a great outing experience as well as a lot of content for your Instagram. And with all those pictures, you will be doing everyone else a favor. Because no one ever gets bored with the stills of your pets. 

If not the outdoors, you can also test your photography skills indoors. Let them play with a toy or run around in the backyard. You can also take their pictures while making them do tricks. It will be a fun way to spend the day with your pet.

Teach Them New Tricks

You may have seen clips of dogs dancing and birds singing on command. How fun would it be if your pet could do the same right? So take the time and teach them tricks. It’s always a great idea to train your pet. They will be more under control and you will also get to spend the much needed quality time with them.

There are dozens of easy tricks that you can teach your pet. All you have to do is help them remember how to react to certain stimuli like a catchphrase. In the case of dogs, you just need a bag of treats and repetition. And soon everyone will be impressed by the many fun tricks your dog can do.

Involve Them In Your Daily Chores

When you own a house, it’s important to keep up with the daily chores. So instead of turning it into a boring experience, make it fun by involving your pet. 

While cooking, let your dog help you fetch a few things. Or when you are landscaping your outdoors, employ the abilities of your dog. They can help you dig soil for new plants and flowers and carry the wood for a new fire pit. You may even get to see the fun side of your pet when they start jumping through the pile of leaves or barking at a wasp near the flowers. So just involve them in your chores so they can feel happy about getting your attention.

Workout Together

Pets need their optimum physical exercise daily and so do you. So why not do it together? There are dozens of workouts that you can do with your dog. Like take them on a jog with you. Or plan a cardio circuit that you can do with your pet. Pet owners also love doing doggy pushups. These are just regular pushups with a dog on your back. But do it only if you have a small dog or you’ll not be able to get up from the ground. 

With your feline friends you can try cat yoga or get them a piñata to work their paws. 

Now you have 5 things that you must try with your pet. So take your much needed break from work today and enjoy the time with your pet.