5 Amazing Tools to Create Your Digital Resume

With so much competition in job placement these days, standing out from the crowd is apparent. Especially for college students who are on the verge of graduation. They are often overwhelmed by the opportunities they will have to explore. Presenting themselves in front of potential employers is very important. We are living in times where jobs are scarce and seekers are abundant. That is why every impression matters. A cover letter or resume simply aren’t enough. Fortunately for a job applicant, the hunt for a good career can be made easy with a digital resume and portfolios that are readily available online. 

So, if you are looking to add ammunition into your arsenal. Here are 5 amazing online tools that will help you land a job with ease. 


The visual features of your digital resume can be very beneficial for a great first impression, but equally the content must be well-written as well. NinjaEssays are known for having certified resume writers who are the best in the business. They deliver top notch content, customized to suit your career goals and personality. Their experience and expertise go a long way in making your digital resume more interesting, relevant, and effective. With years of hiring managers will ensure in making your resume perfect for your career goal without sounding arrogant and going overboard. If you are a professional photographer, then usual a visual portfolio can work to your advantage. It’s probably time to bring out all those creative landscapes that you have shot.


It is one of the best resume building services that will help you make a great impression on employers. VisualCV extracts content from your LinkedIn profile or existing profile. It lets you choose a design,  publish to a private share link, public custom URL or a PDF export. It also lets you add multimedia items like images, embedded videos, and presentations. They use the same parsing technology that big companies use that means you can rest assured that your digital resume will be read correctly and understood by applicant tracking systems. Also, the website’s dashboard allows you to customise and manage different versions of your digital resume. You get to tweak based on your job you are applying for. There are free and paid versions of the app, choose accordingly. 


LinkedIn is one of the most influential professional networking websites out there. Nowadays, employers look at the LinkedIn profile for job applicants when looking to hire which makes it all the more important for an applicant to make their online presence on LinkedIn. And that is why a simple profile won’t be as intriguing as one with a more visually eccentric portfolio. Using portfolio features, you can showcase your skills and make a more interesting digital resume. Include high quality images, videos, creative presentations and more for a better profile. It is available in both paid and free to use forms. Remain constantly active on this platform for best results.  


Digital resumes are imperative nowadays. You need it or you will be left behind. And to help with it, Vizualize.me auto transforms your professional accomplishments into a visual compelling data using your LinkedIn profile. So no more panic attacks or visits to the bathroom for freaking out. Visualize has you sorted.

There are six style themes and several color schemes and fonts to make your digital resume seem more interesting and effective. One of the features that I personally like about this tool is the “My Stats” section that lets you highlight your professional statistics like number of impressions you secured for your client or your work experience in a certain industry. You get to download the infographic as PNG, PDF, or share it as a link. The best part is that it is completely free to use. 


One of the best tools that you will find. It is specifically designed for applicants to boast about their skills, interests, and knowledge through exportable and portable certificates. Today there is more competition than ever. If you take your foot off the pedal for a moment, you will be left behind. Every small impression counts. And Accredible will help you create a great impression through your digital resume. Using this tool, you can create a personalized learning portfolio. It can also be added to your LinkedIn profile and allows you to include documents, photos, endorsements, and videos. 

Creating a captivating digital resume is imperative to make a great impression. Regardless of which phase of job search you are in, it is not too late to explore these tools.